Worth the smile

Posted: February 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

You’ve got a smile that makes my day, and a laugh that lights up my entire world. Seeing you happy is all what matters, and making you feel so is what I’m there for.
And when you’re sad, so sad… i’m left helpless, not knowing how to make you feel better…not knowing how to comfort you… My world crashes- I’ve failed to make the one person that matters smile.
I’d want to hold you close, so close… whisper words of peace into your ears… I’d want to take your pain away, to let it go… Futher away. If not, then I’d want to share it with you, grip your hands frimly, and assure you, with all faith I’ve got, that it’s going to be alright…
I wish I could be the one person, out of everyone else that you’d escape to when you need help, that you’d just reach out for whenever you’re feeling down, or anywhere close. I wish… I wish I could be the one person who’s capable of putting back the smile to your decent face… Just to make you smile… Because that’s all what matters!
I wanna be there for you…I wanna make it up for anything and everything painful you’ve ever been through…

If only you let me.


This is something I found in one of my very old drafts… Something that no longer means anything…



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