The irony we hold

Posted: April 12, 2011 in communication, Days and dates, Emotions, evaluation, faith, hope, Memories, Music, Randoms, Weirdness

This is what happens when we choose to put up masks of ignorance. This is what happens when we decide to play the act where none of us really gives a shit, where we pretend that it never really mattered in the first place… We keep fooling ourselves with these fake clones of anything  but who we really are that we  bring to life and into action.

This is what happens when dignity grows into an unleashed ego… We hide behind the shield of non-sense that bounds us. We’re strong, we tell ourselves. We don’t give a fuck! Right? Well, guess what? We’re not even close to strong, we DO give a fuck and we’re so not okay with what’s going on!

What a couple of messed up existences we’ve become! We’ve chosen to be two different people, what for? Ironic how we manage to fake our feelings into silly ignorant actions just to satisfy a weird voice in our minds that tells us to keep going with this sarcasm.

If this represents anything then it’s the weakness in us.

It’s putting us through hell.  I don’t like it, so do you.  Now what?

If you were still the same person I’ve known, then I’m quite sure that deep inside you you do feel the same; a fine mixture of anger, sadness and confusion, yet you still manage to put up the same pathetic mask of ignorance. One that I can’t cross over to who you really are unless you remove it yourself, put it aside, and let go of your God damn attitude!

I can’t force you to do so… After all, it’s all up to you. But the more this takes you, the more the idea that our friendship never really mattered starts sinking in as a solid fact. So search yourself for maturity and do something. I’ve taken my chances, and “attitude” was all I got.  Now it’s your turn to make this right. Get back to your senses!

… I wish you were here. Just like the good old days. I had a friend… A good friend, a brother, but where has he gone?? And what for, ha? I wish you were here, but you aren’t. Just don’t let yourself fade into a memory… I wish I could just slap you back to your senses!

Wait… Who am I kidding? Who am I even talking to? You’re not even going to read this…This won’t make any difference anyway, would it? Again, this is probably what gives this post some extra credit.

Whoever reads this might not understand anything. I don’t understand anything myself. And this is exactly the theme life puts before us- Irony!

Apparently, you’re doing nothing. I need to understand that you’re not going to, not now, not never. And i just need to put on another mask of “It’s alright, I’ll live with it”…

So from now on I’m keeping those I do care about at a good distance just to make it easier when it’s time to say “goodbye”… If it doesn’t really matter anymore, then it only adds up to the irony…

So, will you be there??


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