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It’s empty over here. It’s buzzing with people all around me, but It’s always been nothing but empty to me. Seems like everything is fake… Fake existences that I need to cope with, deal with, and fool myself with! It’s this void that I’ve failed to fill… and I’ve become empty myself. Something separates me from the life around me, something keeps repelling me, pushing me further and further away every time I get to think that I’ve finally found somewhere to belong to!

This world is silly…

This world is pathetic…

… and so are it’s people.

I’ve reached a point where I give up. I give up on trust and all the other principles I’ve convinced myself they still existed. I give up on the people, and everyone… I give up on myself… I can’t change the puzzle people have chosen to bind their lives to. I can’t complete it either…

So take me away from here… This is not where I want to stick around. Take me somewhere quiet, somewhere peaceful, somewhere pure… Grab my hand… Guide me, I’ll follow. Lead me, I’ll come along. Reassure me, because that’s what I need.

Take me somewhere with no lies to behold, take me somewhere… somewhere safe, somewhere I can heal…

People are confusing, and I don’t want that. I want relief and happiness, I want life the way it should be…

but who are you? and where are you???

Maybe I’m just stuck here… and I’ve got to live with it…


I so badly want one !

This is quite inspiring, but what I really want to know is, how did Kristian Ulrich Larsen come up with the idea of this? The “creative” scrolling, the light painting, the navigation, everything! It’s gotta be something REALLY inspiring that brought up something THAT creative, rightyyy?

Really interesting and definitely super genuine!

More into it?

It’s abstract, yet real. No, Genuine! It’s somewhere between the complexity of simplicity… Confusing? Thought so.. But again, who cares, when it comes to photography there are no conventions to stick to, it’s all about what you can spot when everyone else overlooks… It’s deep, it’s precise, it’s [Spot] !

I’ve always believed in photography, not a professional photographer myself, but believed that we all deserve to keep our memories intact in a visual proof that lays before us, that every time we look at, we can see beyond the physical existence, into something deeper… something true… something that’s sacred to no one but you, and I think [Spot] has got it all, from the humor of randomness and weirdness of a spontaneous life to the innocence and beauty of each and every inch of the world around us!

I salute you guys! These are some perfect shots I should say! Keep it going, keep it real, keep it [Spot].

Don’t forget to go through their albums on Facebook. As for me, I’ll be expecting more 😉

Civic Music is an Active Working Group at the GUC looking to nourish student talents and provide entertaining events, concerts and activities.

Our campus needs some shake-ups, don’t you think? And this is where Civic music comes into action!

It’s well-founded, well-established, and through it’s well-coordination civic music shall be the first GUC music organisation run by students, to entertain students!

Event 1 was a hit, for starters. Recruitment week was on, members are assigned and I’m quite sure Event 2 will carry on to a blast. The team is working on to give their full potentials and I’m positive they’ll pull it off!

So stay tuned for the Glamour night on campus 😉

as for what’s new…

Civic Euphoria show being hosted NOW by our own Gypsy Swaz! Current track playing called I Choose You produced by Swaz and Saiv! Tune in! And don’t forget to come by our booth this week for Staff recruitments!

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