Civic Music, Civic Era

Posted: May 4, 2011 in Arts, careers, Celebrities, evaluation, Music, Randoms, skills

Civic Music is an Active Working Group at the GUC looking to nourish student talents and provide entertaining events, concerts and activities.

Our campus needs some shake-ups, don’t you think? And this is where Civic music comes into action!

It’s well-founded, well-established, and through it’s well-coordination civic music shall be the first GUC music organisation run by students, to entertain students!

Event 1 was a hit, for starters. Recruitment week was on, members are assigned and I’m quite sure Event 2 will carry on to a blast. The team is working on to give their full potentials and I’m positive they’ll pull it off!

So stay tuned for the Glamour night on campus 😉

as for what’s new…

Civic Euphoria show being hosted NOW by our own Gypsy Swaz! Current track playing called I Choose You produced by Swaz and Saiv! Tune in! And don’t forget to come by our booth this week for Staff recruitments!

So follow up on !

Updates on Facebook, are not to be missed !

  1. Marian Mikhail says:

    Civic Music ftw!!

  2. Rana says:

    Yeah Baybeeeeeeeeh ❤ !

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