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The good high school days were over; wrapped, sealed and shipped to our box of memories. It was now time for something different- Uni. All the mess of what to study and where to go in the first place is now gone. You now know where you’re spending the next 5 years of your life and you can’t wait to get started. What you didn’t know was that your first year won’t turn out to be the exact picture in your head.

First few weeks you’re worried, but your boasting excitement soon overcomes that. It’s hectic as you try to get in sync with the system, but you manage. You soon make your very first couple of friends… Then a bunch more…  Soon enough your tiny circle of friends grows into a massive one!  A month passes and your urge to explore the different backgrounds around you grows even more. You’re tapping into deeper layers of “friends” as you’re exposed to several aspects of life, and you keep telling yourself you’re okay with it. Enthusiasm suppresses whatever thoughts popping up in your head… A couple more months pass by…

Then comes a moment of realization, a slip into reality, a culture shock! One that quickly transforms every bit of excitement into an endless chain of over thinking. “What was this all about?” you ask yourself. You try to evaluate yourself, and life as a whole! Things happen, pushing you into a state of in-between, where you start doubting yourself. Everyone and everything has turned out to be different. Too much drama! This is when you realize this is not what you want and these are not the people you should be sticking to! This has got to change. Depressed? Maybe… And that large circle of “friends” starts narrowing down…

It takes you a while to get over it, but the balance is somehow restored. After all, you don’t have to change who you really are to suit the people around you, you only need to be more careful with what you do, and how you get it done. Trust is sacred, don’t offer it to anyone! Set your priorities right. Challenge is always there, and so is choice. It is your decisions that make a difference. Be the cheerful person you are, live it up, but know how to stop people from taking advantage of that. Keep your limits clear, red and in bold.

The problem isn’t the country, it’s the people. Some, not all! So stick to the right ones and don’t waste your time on nonsense. Feel good about yourself, that’s the key and never regret anything, because after all, it is how it is!

Year 2; bring it on!