Posted: July 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

He’s there. Everywhere . All around me and all over me. I can’t see him but he’s the one and only that I reach for. Always. He never let’s me down. I only crave for refuge, forgiveness… And he showers me with blessings … Support! Support that wraps the preserved dignity I hold within me … Support that I could’ve never made it without it! 
I’m not too blinded not to see the signs that lay before me… The messages that I stumble upon every now and then… Messages that puts me back on track before I’m about to go astray… And it holds me closer than before!! It could be trivial, minute and rather insignificant but it is what makes the difference! It is the test that were put through, one that most, if not all of us , sadly overlook. Sadly take for granted… Yet noticing them is what makes me happy.
I believe in Him. The Almighty. I believe in his extraordinary power and wisdom. He’s never bound to margins of human comparison for he defies all!! He’s one, he’s THE one! 
He’s all I seek , all I need and all I could possibly ask for!  
These are not any superficially constructed phrases I inconsiderately type. these are nothing but a trivial cluster of words flowing out of a heart that has decided to go pure with the one love worth craving for! This is only a quoted lust that had tasted the sweetness of faith.. A beautiful status of a mental quest for a soul-nourishing  chain of observations… Thoughts… And beliefs. 
I have found the love that rather strengthens, not weakens. The love that nourishes one’s heart, not shatters it. It’s given me a taste of what trust really is and how it should be. Love is blind , but this is reliable…  
And by the power He’s put in me, as minute as it is, as negligible as it is, I shall make use of every ounce of energy to try my very best and devote it into a sincere quest, a heart-rendered prayer asking for forgiveness and mercy, for refuge, and for a shield of his protection. 
He is there. Everywhere . And the more I reach for him, the more I’m overwhelmed with his presence, all around me and all over me… But even closer every time..  
He is there, and so are the signs. Blessed is he who notices them…


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