Rails of my train to nowhere

Posted: September 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

I never expected it to feel this way. Atleast not now. I never knew it was this in the first place, never noticed it reoccur until It so blatantly ached… So sweetly, so randomly… So hectically yet so peacefully… and that rang a bell… Remembering that something not that someone… 
Slowly I began to realize how good that felt, how inquisitive it was And how high it held me … Something was so beautiful about it, and something in me had to blow my bubble… Logic? The same scenario reoccurs and I decide to let go before I go on a spontaneous ride to nowhere. 
But something just as Random takes lead of my situation and enjoys the ecstasy of the person and his presence. A Rebellious thought now domesticated while another one even wilder was just fired unleashed! And it was beautiful. Literally. With all possible emotions the word could convey… 
I enjoyed it… Everything about it… Here, there and everywhere. And the lust for finally some sheer happiness grew even more, even wilder and wider… Up to a point where I could no longer tame it; and I  simply enjoyed losing such a control for such a fantasy! Hypnotized.  
Apparently for too long that when the rails of my train to nowhere reached a dead end, I couldn’t stop the surge I was obviously loving… But it all had to come to and end… One way or another… And after the strange goodbyes came the Classic brain-exhausting thinking… Or it was rather a heart-rending reminiscing… Because the goodbye came so quickly… So abruptly and suddenly along with a typical state of a non-promising future… Uncertain. That makes it worse… So i rather pause and rewind for it’s always worth another look…

  1. Maryam Ahmad says:

    I Love Thisss !! 😀

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