Posted: September 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

Perfection.  A misjudged adjective; misplaced and overrated. Or a blatant fact left overlooked and unrecognized.Yes, it’s some sort of well-being we all crave for  though we do know it’s never a concrete fact.

And when the former fails to be materialized, we soon realize perfection is rather a state of “Emotional” well-being.One that is sustained so easily, so beautifully. And later evolves into an exotic mixture of satisfaction, content and happiness. Not everyone recognize that. Not everyone manage to witness and  hold on to the perfection all around them. Sad. No wonder they’re never just as happy.

Perfection is a variable, thus left untitled. What it stands for differs and so is what brings it to life.

Just a little brings it out. It’s not how much, it’s how good.  And there’s always this one person who’s just  too good. It’s not what literally defines perfection, it’s just how you see it, and how you manage to find a way to label it nothing but perfect!

Sometimes Perfection isn’t really good enough, for you’ve come across something even better. Someone that puts you in an even better state of well being, that no word possibly beholds a proper meaning for the ecstatic surge of happiness you’re life has suddenly turned into.

One might then choose to go quiet, to tap into a beautiful note of silence and enjoy the company of the one person who adds some meaning to life. You now know you’re safe, you’re peaceful and happy… You’re now complete and actually alive. And that’s when you figure out your own definition for perfection…


My unexplained meaning of perfection. No. Probably a rather lengthy explanation.  A fine mixture of everything so good, everything so perfect! A figure that brings serenity into life, one that brings along all the hope and peace one might possibly need. Such an existence is a blessing, and such a presence offers the best reassurance.

My habit, you’ve become. One that’s never easy to either let go or get over. You’re there, and that’s all what matters. A feeling of safety hovers; both physically and emotionally.

For a moment, insecurity aches and makes one’s brain wonder…

It’s fear that all of this might crumble down… But even if it was  just a fantasy, one can’t help but to enjoy the beauty of it.

You’ve brought perfection into life.

  1. Rana says:

    It’s not a faint heart my friend, some people do deserve that much of appreciation 😉

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