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It’s quiet, but it was never peaceful. It’s gets even quieter, but never as lonely as it sounds. I begin to think; Why? I drag myself to even thinking a little bit further; is “Why” the question, or is it , itself, the answer?

This world is slowly crumbling over our heads, what was made to be on our side is now drifting against us. Or is it that we’re simply turning against our own selves? The world we live in was never that confusing, at least not to me. But is it really the world, or is it just us? We’ve lost a sense of purpose and things have become so interconnected and interlinked, so vague and obscure that we fail to tell where is the edge. Borders are disappearing, and we’re just left tracing their fading lines. And in such a  mesh, where do we stand?

It’s not a trial of personal assessment as much as it is an attempt of a worldly evaluation. I guess. But it shouldn’t really make that much of a difference. We run this world, and it’s us behind all that, isn’t it? We run our lives, and after all it’s us again in charge.

We weren’t really created only to live a one-trial of meaningless confusion, were we? We were created, and along with us, came the confusion and misery. Is it just the meant-to-be or is it just us? or maybe both?
Absent minded? Probably…

There is a world once beautiful that we’re bringing down. There are lives that we’re bringing to an end, and there are people that we’re tearing apart. There is ‘ourselves’ that we no longer understand… And I still wonder, why?
Along with us, came the principles for our survival, ones that we replaced with a miserable bulk we thought would turn our lives better. So is it really serving us best? Now that we can no longer draw lines, can we at least tell what these principles are? or should I say, were? can we at least refer back to them? can we at least remember?? I hold no answer for it is simply part of the confusion…

It seems like we’ve finally painted a solid picture to the middle of nowhere…

They never saw it coming, they never knew…

And whose fault is it that they never knew? Is it the protocol? The culture? Or is it merely themselves? Is it that they actually knew but chose the shortcut of ignorance and took it for granted?

I don’t know.

And I still ask myself the same question, only to find my answer in it’s echo; why?


Does it really come to an end?

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It all vanishes, goes away – pooft! Death puts an end to it all. But even then, is it really over?

Death is only the start; of the hereafter in one way, and of our chain of realizations in another. Our understanding that it really mattered to us, our regret that we never got to show that, that we always hid behind a silly mask of distant ignorant.

Death puts an end to it all… But sometimes it could rather bring some of our consciousness to life. Yes it brings them all to a finite end, and a start of an unknown, but some things do last even in death. Feelings never die, they carry on with us, to wherever they are. Memories? maybe… But it’s not only that. There’s something about it, something that does really last a lifetime and forever. And that’s only because it was true, pure and honest.

I could die at anytime. Here, there, anywhere. Any day could be my last. And I realized; I should prepare for that. I realized I needed to please two: My God, and those I love and love me back.
Death is everywhere around us, and we’re all on the waiting list. I don’t know when, but I know it’s certain. I don’t want to look back and regret a wasted life. I don’t want to regret a moment of ignorance, a moment of uncertainty, a moment of disguise.
I don’t want to end up in sore words of  “if only…” .

“If Only…” hurts. And I don’t want it to hurt me, or the ones I love.

Too little too late is not an option. What I feel is exactly what I should say. Why should I waste my life and living hiding behind the shadows of assumptions, and leaving people in the maze of it’s confusion?
Straight forward is how it should be, and how it will be.

The ones I love should know it, and believe it. The ones I hate, if supposedly any, should understand it. Some do need appreciation, and if now isn’t the time to show it, then when is?

Death puts it all to an end, but it never takes away the happiness we felt, the memories we built and the love we all shared. Death puts all to an end, but never love, never honesty, never truth.

So if I pass away, remember that I loved you with all my heart. Remember that I loved life. Remember that I loved happiness. The world we live in is a hypocrite, but we aren’t. So keep that in mind.

I know it’s weird am writing this, but it’s stuck in my mind; what if the time is now? Am I ready… For a goodbye and the hello?


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Dreams are omens. Visions that are sent to guide you through some, if not most, of our everyday confusions. Dreams are disguised messages that are left for us to interpret. It could be no more than a way our minds deliver us a few of its messages, maybe answers to the questions we’ve overdosed it with.

Either way, there’s a message unveiled, regardless of the source, regardless of the reason, so don’t overlook them. Enjoy them in your dreams then wake up to understand them. Sometimes all you need is just a dream to offer you all the reassurance you’ve always looked for.

Sometimes so vague, yet always so powerful! Dreams are the omens within ourselves, make use of them.