It never leaves

Posted: November 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

It never leaves; That decent figure that stares back at her every time she closes her eyes. The scattered lights line themselves into an array of beauty, into a resonating imagine of his face. The forestry of hazel-green that his eyes behold grow even wider and wilder, even more captivating… She closes her eyes, and the face that, to her, defines all limits of perfection and defies them remains intact.

And it never leaves…
It never leaves…

She waits… For him to show up, for that face to leave the dream into her reality. She waits, and though it gets harder with time, she enjoys it for she knows what comes next is worth it… is worth all the waiting. She knows that his presence fills in all voids. His presence in her life is so vivid, so solid, so passionate that it fills whatever emptiness she’s ever felt. It brings her to life and adds some meaning to the coldness she once lived in.

She closes her eyes, and drowns into the vortex of her own dreams; of him. Slowly she builds pictures on her own… Pictures of what she thinks shaould lay ahead, or at least, what she hopes could possible lay before her. And she waits… She can do nothing but enjoy, either the memories, or the beauty that lays ahead, or maybe both.

Yet in all cases, he never leaves…
He’s always there to trigger something she’s always held deep and intact within her… He’s always there to bring her to life…

And his pretty face never leaves,
it never leaves.


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