Deep within

Posted: November 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

Once more, words fail me and I just can’t find the perfect words for a perfect you. You deserve better, far more than just words. Yet, words are all I’ve got. They’re simple,  but true and honest… They speak my deepest pits within…

I’ve spared you a place within, if not all of myself. I’ve promised to keep you safe and secure, to keep you as happy as happy could possibly be… And I’m keeping my promise. Distance pulls me away and sets us apart but it’s all beyond my will. A thousand miles away, but I’ve always managed to keep you close, to keep you home. Actually, to keep myself close to what I’ve tagged as home; to you.

The distance persists, and so is what I hold deep within. It rather grows stronger and wilder. It will never fade. Distance grows quieter, and only then should my words whisper into your ears that I’m there, that I’m waiting… that I’m thinking and hurting just as much… that I’m holding on, gripping so tightly… keeping you deep within.

No matter how far, I’ll never forget. You never leave, and nothing will take over. No matter how far, there’s always too much that I will remember. Memories, I’ve kept intact within myself… No matter how far, I’ve got you to bring back some hope into  me.

No matter what, I hold you close… Deep within…

And I wonder, how intimate is your deep within? x


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