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Small World

Posted: January 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

The world bursts in noise. Everything is so hectic and everyone is in a rush on their call to nothing. Tension builds up and stress comes along to drive the people into madness. Peace escapes into us, and hides deep within, so deep that we almost forgot it existed. A thousand things on everyone’s mind, and a thousand more listed on endless to-do lists… no one really seems to realize that they’re caged in the tangled maze of so-called responsibilities of their own creation and the more they overlook that, the more they become devoted preys to their own unnoticed misery…

The scene rolls, and I force all this noisy non-sence into mute. I’ve only escaped the world to watch it in mere silence. I’ve turned it into a play, and I’ve rather chosen to be it’s narrator… Only to tell different stories of different people taking the same path, rising to the same climax and having almost the same plots, apart from minimal differences…

They’re scattered everywhere, lands away and oceans apart, lost in their own complexities. Destiny, just as surprising and confusing, brings people together, introduces them, merges their lives into one only to separate them once more. And if it’s not destiny, then it’s time, distance and place that take the job of making that jigsaw puzzle of humans even harder to place together.

Throughout these random processes of colliding two or even more distinct worlds into one, and having one life stumble upon and roll over the other, we still see their stories repeat themselves, if not complete the other. And when empty blanks and questions impose, it only takes an awakened mind to look for the answers in the other version of the story. Soon we realize, it’s not really another version of the same story, it’s rather the continuation of the exact tale… and we all give ourselves the leading role, we all become the Protagonists of not only our own intimate stories, but also the other ones that one way or the other we manage to play a role in their script.

More and more lives are fused into one, spearate worlds are merged together and the more diverse this becomes, the greater and more interlinked the plot presents itself, untill eventually every single formerly independent story now becomes significantly interconnected and correlated to its sister publication.
The world slowly serves in building the same jumbled maze of surprise and confusion that we unconsiously bound ourselves to. It’s no loarger than a small world. It’s no longer than a short story.

It slowly presents itself as the routine we love to hate. But we seem to like it, to enjoy it, even if it gets on our nerves at times, and drives us out of our mind.

If life was a play, then apparently we have the upperhand and the absolute authority to choose the characters we want to act  with. But that’s all and that’s it; this is where our supreme sence of being in charge comes to an end because The everyday script we go through and the characters we’re continuously introduced to in reality is something far beyond our influence and decision. This is where our only role is to play along the show that’s never over… So here’s the thing: Play it true and honest. Keep it real, so that your whole life doesn’t slip away as a fantacy… So that your world doesn’t become a never-ending show that you crave it’s end…

It’s not how many stories you know, or how many stories you tell, it’s how many of these stories have you played a positive act in. It’s how many of these stories have you managed, or atleast tried to help adding a better resolution to.

Bits of your story are parts of my everyday filmstrip that I love watching, and relating to… That I love being a part, even if it’s the tiniest one, of. I see your life merge into others’. I see  your worlds collide. You walk away from people, closer to others and the same complexity persists now that it has become part of the script’s default.
I see people walk into your life, a few slip away, a few stay, and a few more you don’t seem to notice.

Wheather it’s your world that has struck mine, or the other way round, or who stumbled upon who, we’ve all managed to walk into each other’s lives… We’ve all managed to find that one common factor that could bind our worlds together, and bring them closer… One that links our stories and draws this seemingly distant but real relashionship…
And when it pushes it too close, I wander… And wonder, how a distant narrator, could suddenly become somehow,someone else’s play’s Protagonist…

If your life was a play, then I’m no longer a narrator.

If my life was a play, then you’ve become it’s Protagonist.