Posted: February 1, 2012 in communication, Emotions, evaluation, Family, happiness, hope, immagination, Love, Memories, Randoms, Weirdness

Change. Not so easy for some; not an option for others. Yet this is not the problem; Waiting is. Along with waiting comes disappointment. A shot after the other, and we still choose to wait. Deep down, we believe in them… Deep down, we might possibly still hold some love for them…

It takes a pretty good share of time until reality starts to sink in; They  will never change. And it takes even longer for you to believe this… You might choose never to, and stick to the waiting and wasting of time… It goes on and on, until you just give up. Once more, They will never change…

A dead end? Now what?

Hatred has never been an option, even though it’s all you could express on the outside. Love has never been one either, despite the tiniest bit implanted by birth and  left deep within… Deserted. You keep hoping one day it dies out… but it never does…

Acceptance becomes the best choice of all. If they’ll never change, then accept them for who they are and let your scars of disappointment heal. Just like it’s said, No expectations, no disappointment. Nothing will be so surprisingly painful once you’ve been accustomed to an expectation peak kept to a minimum if not demolished.

And you carry on from that point depending on how much love is left in you…

After all it’s not necessarily that they never loved you back, it could rather be that they never learned how to bring that love into any form of life what so ever! They could’ve possibly tried… Though in all wrong ways. Failure, they refuse to admit and our desire for the least bits of our right to feel love, they never understood.

Whether they’d ever tried or not, it no longer means anything and whether they’d ever felt something in the first place, failed to show it, express it or even chose to hid it… it doesn’t really matter anymore; they’re there. They contribute to a great deal of our lives; to our agony, to our waiting and to our disappointment. And it’s become a default.

So we accept them; for good, if any, and for bad. Because deep down if we no longer love them, we still remember that one day we have. And the memory pays off…

So change while you can, bring what you feel to life. Say it; out and loud… It could spare others the pain, and save whatever that’s left of feelings before they die out.
Change while you can, before distance eats purity away… because at some point, even if you do, it will be too late to pull yourself out of the zone of “Acceptance”.


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