Structured into words

Posted: February 5, 2012 in communication, Emotions, evaluation, faith, hope, immagination, Love, Memories, Randoms, Weirdness

My mind shelters a never-leaving thought of you. Flood me with memories, shoot me with whispers that echo forever-after. Take hold of me.

If I cant be there, I’ll structure myself and my emotional wilderness into tamed words. Words will stay. Words always will. My words never give up on my beliefs; my words never give up on you. My words will fight the world.

Distance pushes people away, words bring them closer. Miles away, my words will search sentences reaching for you… And they never fail. My words are living shadows that I leave behind to surround you, to remind you, and to reassure you… A continent away, I’ll still write because just as words bring my absence to an end, it brings your presence to life. And it’s all I’ve ever needed.

Words keep it easy, words eat away the growing emptiness. Words bring me to life, closer to serenity, closer to you. My words are never scared; never scared to tell, never scared to leave an impact…

And when I’m gone, they’ll still hover. They never fade…

Simple they are; powerful they’ve always been. Honest they will remain.


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