The quietness of her room was deceiving. It was only giving rise to the sounds in her mind to grow louder, her consciousness was haunting her, driving her a few more steps closer to insanity.  Wilder they became, forcing conclusions into truth and screaming them louder into herself.  The room on its own was repelling. The void in her grew wider and deeper, eating her patience away.It was piercing. But she never whined, she just let it pile inside. The more she piled, the emptier she felt, until her emotions took hold of her. She burst into an emotional explosion.

Out she was. Walking should lessen the tension. Walking should crave a path for the anger to flood away.

The sun slowly set into darkness. The streets weren’t any quieter than her room, except for shouts here and there that she never seemed to hear, that she never seemed to focus on. All of her senses converged and directed towards one thing. Just one thing that she could think of. Just one.Street lights started to dimly light her path that never seemed to end. She never wanted it to. And it never did. Her breath fogged up the few inches in front of her face. Her body chilled, if not shivered. It was cold. But it was all she needed to cool off that angry maniac she was becoming.Her bloodshot eyes hid behind a pair of eyeglasses smudged with tear drops. They were too much for her to wipe them off, so she couldn’t care less. They rushed non stop.   She never liked looking to the ground while walking, but it was the only way she could hide them. If only it rained, she wished.

Her legs dragged her to nowhere, with the one question still chocking her; Is it really… really… over? Her heart ached as her mind spoke these words, and she felt that her entire world collapsed… She felt she crumbled into pieces. She kept the volume of the beat she fed into her ears to a maximum but it never pushed the thinking away. It never killed that thought. Disturbing she found it, and disturbed she became.

People. The last thing she needed to deal with at that very moment yet the one thing that slowly started filling up the once empty streets. She had to stop the crying; it should never show! Her heart only wept on the inside. Pressure build up, and the more she thought into it, the faster her pace became. She came by a green area with fewer people, if any. She scanned the few meters around her and when she was sure nobody was looking she burst into tears. Still, silently.

Crying is a power we all possess. A natural tranquilizer that could suppress the pain we feel, if not subside it. Tears melt the hurt out of our solidifying hearts and washes it, crystal clear. Tears are an uncontrolled timeless proof of sheer honesty; they fall out only for those who deserve. They favor you best when words die out, they favor you best when you need them most. They explain. They pierce. They mean the world to those who matter, and they last forever. Cry; tears will comfort you.No one can blame you, a few will understand, and only one will wipe your tears; if not cry along. Never regret it for it’s always true. Cry when you need it, because you do.

Cry. You’re never too old to.

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