Drown her Thoughts

Posted: February 9, 2012 in Emotions, evaluation, immagination, Memories, Nature, Randoms, Story, Weirdness

The water has never been more tempting. With the waves growing wilder than ever, hungry for anything and everything, she has never been any more comfortable standing on that rocky shore she’s always loved. She stood there, on her own, feeding her thoughts into the waters. It was all she needed; somewhere for her thoughts to drown. Waves splashed and slashed  her bare feet sinking into the muddy ground as if calling for the winds to join, and howl along. And it did, turning the whole scene into an angrier watery distortion. But it never got her scared, she never made it possible to give in to fear. And it was only because she has had enough of it on the inside, and now it was just about time to throw them away, to choke them in angry waters, just like she felt… Only expressing it quieter.

She had too much to get rid of, too much to throw away if she wanted to move on, to forget. The former was feasible, but the latter has always been the boulder she could never move away. And that was when it struck her that she doesn’t have to… After all, it was what craved her into that shielded statue that stood there. Bold and daring on the outside, and extremely emotional and tormented on the inside.

The sea was giving up on her; her thoughts bored it. The waves eased, the winds walked away in an ignorant whistle… They both crawled away… Leaving her standing there, watching the dim broken sun rays slowly cracking through a blackened sky. It was dawn already.


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