All but him

Posted: February 11, 2012 in communication, Emotions, evaluation, happiness, hope, Love, Memories, Story, Weirdness

He has always been there. Both his absence and his presence has filled her with a burning lust; an addiction that runs deeper into her blood with every day… And she can’t help but fall for it. So deeply… So peacefully. Her eyes run after him like shadows that never leave, stuck to him wherever he goes. She could spot him out of a thousand people. She never failed; it was a talent her heart was gifted. And every time she did, her heart beats raced, her body froze in a sweet chill and her face lightened up with an involuntary smile that slowly craved its way through her twitching lips. 

He was there, at a distance. Her heart ached. She wished she could just run into him and  fall into his arms. Helpless and protected. Just like a little child running to the one thing it has ever known. His decent presence slowly hypnotized her; all what was around her seemed to fade… All but one, all but him. Deep inside she craved for him, his voice, his bright face, his piercing eyes, his messy curly hair… Everything.

Her mind blacked out, transferring her entire world into a fantasy. And it wasn’t the first time. The tiniest bits of him or anything that has got to do with him would transform her world into a film strip, starring him. And she loved every bit of it. She waited for anything. She wanted and needed anything that could keep pumping his thought into her. And when she got carried away, Memories took on.

That whirlpool of lust and love never seemed to cease, taking hold of her stronger everyday. And she was okay with it. She was happy. Her heart starved for him, and if she couldn’t keep him by her side longer enough, then she was determined to transform anything she could get her hands on into magic that could bring his beautiful presence to life. And she did that. Vividly.

Without him she’s a moaning child, weeping lost and in search for the way back to home.He was the meaning she lacked, and the life she needed; the fantasy she’s always dreamed of.  And he made it true. He held the key to her eternal happiness. Lust. It was more than just that. It was more than just random emotions. No. It always materialized into concrete faith. Faith in what she honestly and truly felt. faith in him.

Her mental black out was over, yet he was still there. A distance far but closer at heart. The same smile was still stuck on her face, and how could it fade away when all what fills her with life and ecstasy was right there in front of her bewildered eyes? He was the solo her heart played; a solo that only her ears could listen to…A melody that only her heart mastered every note.

She sighed, tilting to the wall as she lost herself into her emotions. Into him. He was happy, and she felt likewise. He smiled, and it just reflected back on her face.

He was the perfection she once thought never existed.


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