GUC Crisis – Recap

Posted: March 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

Events have been escalating ever since 18-February which held the Karim Khouzam mourning stand. The stand grew into a protest which demanded the removal of the two memorial tablets carrying the ex-president’s name and building another one for the martyr, Karim. Along with that came chants against the Supreme Council of Armed Forces and how they reluctantly addressed the PortSaid massacre, which echoed all over the university as the protesting students marched into the B-Buildings demanding an approval.

It wasn’t all. As big as that event turned out to be, so was its turn over. Two students, Hassan Osman Ziko and Amr AbdelWahab, were then expelled and 3 more were suspended for two weeks which lead students to further arrange solidarity stands with expelled students,chanting against SCAF, and the disciplinary committee head, Dr.Ibrahim ElDimeery. Banners were held, and crowds gathered as this grew into an even larger protest with students from other universities which included the AUC and MSA coming in for support. Security guards denied their entry into the campus. Chants still on, banners still up, the protesting students managed to open the main gate, “not by normal means” the GUC-INSIDER tweeted.

The number of people soared as they lead the demonstration towards the C building which held all admin offices, and started the strike. With the uprising events and after several discussions it was decided that some of the students will stay sit-in and others were assigned tasks to gather people for Saturday. AlJazeera Mubasher TV has interviewed the two expelled students following up with what happened, where they included several details about what lead to their expulsion in the first place and why them, specifically.Yet on the contrary,  Al shourouk news mentioned today, the university’s administration denies that expelling students had to do with their political stand.

The protests continued today on Campus. Members of Egyptian Parliament Hatem Azzam, Essam Soltan , Amr Hamzawy, and Mostafa el Nagar  have supported the GUCians and earlier today Hatem Azzam was at GUC gate after meeting with members of the university’s upper management. Blankets were not allowed in for the students sitting in at first, and other students including Mostafa Sheshtawy a former GUC graduate was also denied entrance as he mentioned on twitter:

“We are still outside the GUC and they are not letting us in at all!”

Upon covering the escalating crisis, the GUC-INSIDER has mentioned that  SU2012 has stated that they reached an agreement with the GUC admin that suspension will be removed only if a plea was to be submitted by expelled students, which they refused. An electronic petition is now being delivered among students to re-instate expelled and suspended students.

The strike is still on. Students are spending the night on campus.#OccupyGUC

Follow up with the updates; details on the GUC-INSIDER website and on twitter @gucinsider

NB: Feel free to add details if I’ve missed out on any 🙂

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