Posted: May 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

Talk. You have every right to.

Talk. You owe it to your feelings and the people around you. They deserve to know. Anything; everything.

I still reminisce.
I still remember.
I still wonder, What if…?

What if you’ve taken that extra mile to do something… anything… To maybe, just talk?  What if you haven’t given up on your words for silence? Silence has its phonetics. It echos, yet in emptiness. Talk; you owe it to yourself before you owe it to others.

Talk, because  I really wished you did. I really wished you went for that extra mile.  Yet you didn’t. You won’t. The words you never said will linger in the complexity of your thoughts; will challenge my reality. Will burst my bubble. I can’t make them up. They weren’t said. Gone. Along with so many other things. Now, I shall abide to believing in what it was; and accepting what it has become.

I’ll keep talking; because between these scattered words, I’ll still fit in with a wish; one that still offers you well of hope, and the happiest of days. I’ll talk, because some words never change.

I will talk, doesn’t matter to who. Doesn’t matter if you’re willing to listen. Streets do. Walls do. Papers do.
It doesn’t matter. It never made me weak, it rather adorns me with the freedom of expression.

I will always talk. Because only then I know I’ve moved on.
I will always talk. I owe it to my existence.

I will talk. I owe it to my friends who helped me to.


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