As Music re-creates Time.

Posted: May 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

There’s a song assigned to every memory; a melody that brings the past back to life. Retrieved and revived. I close my eyes as it plays. I fall back into the midst of remembrance. My playlist shuffles; and so do my memories. Suddenly; I am served my own choice of location, and emotions.

My eyelids seal the darkness that soon fades into an automatic replay of the scenes of my life that flash before me. I press them tighter and tighter; the overflow of memories has just begun. And I don’t want to leave that behind. I want to stay as much as I can where I no longer can be; because the way both the music and the memories are perfectly synced together is so fascinating that it makes my heart ache in a subtle mixture of flamboyant enjoyment and nostalgia. It aches; but I like it.

I breathe. Deeper and harder. As if the expansion of my lungs would sooth the ache my heart feels, as if it could possibly tone down the beats, slowing their pace. So real, it seems. So tangible. Everything so unchanged. A memory; so intact. I can see it come to life at my impaired sight. With both my hearing and sight so involved into synchronizing the former, the remaining senses slowly come in action to beautifully impose into my state of virtual living. And I swear; I could smell the air around me diffuse with the same odors of passion. So real, it becomes. Chills run down my bone. It floats all around me. It smells the same, feels the same, and aches brutally; just as hard. Just as real. Just so tangible.

I have unconsciously re-created a memory. And as long as the song lives, that memory is timeless.

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