Masquerade: One Dance

Posted: June 16, 2012 in communication, complexity, Emotions, Love, Memories, Randoms, Uncategorized
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Music fades. Voices escape the crowd; soaring louder into the air.  Masks persist. I drag myself between the motile statues of people. Where am I going or what I was looking for I don’t know. But it was rather safe having a mask on. Sealed were all my emotions. Wrapped beneath a curved piece of art, I couldn’t bother about my leaking expressions. I lost myself into people I never knew; into masks of fine edges, into dresses of sheer elegance and sophistication. Into suits.

I kept strolling. Escaping people only to find many more. Until one mask brought me to a sudden stop. A  black Venetian artifact with sliding lines of interlinking silver outlining the edges of the face of a body perfectly fit into a sturdy black suit with hands sliding into white gloves. The face turned; only to meet mine. I stared; my eyes grew wider at the edges of a face I knew I had already known before; at the body of a man I knew I couldn’t mistake. A rush of air into my lungs hasn’t toned down my racing heart. Why was that; I don’t know. I didn’t want to and I hoped I never did. He paused; as though he could see through my mask. I pressed my lips in agitation; and slowly turned away into the masks hoping they could hide mine as well. He followed. Still, peacefully slowly.

I thought I was safe amongst the people; amongst the masks; or at least behind my own mask. At least for now I thought. I took another rush of the cold air with floating aroma of classic perfumes. Igniting. It seemed to sooth me down. I inhaled some more. One smell was rather more poignant this time. It rushed down; deeper down, right into me. One that unleashed my heart once more into unrest. I turned away. It was only a couple of steps before I had to stop. He was right in front of me. His eyes met mine; perfect oceans of blue. Piercing with rage.  I couldn’t look away; couldn’t turn away. My heart seemed to cease. My lungs along. I wished I could escape; but I couldn’t. I was physically and emotionally entrapped in a past that made its way to my present. His lips never moved. His eyes did the talking.

It was only a moment; until the music was up again. Until I his hands adorned in white stretched; and reached for mine. Covered them; bringing chills down my body. Louder and louder the music grew. With every beat my heart came to life. With every beat; my heart raced itself. His mouth; expressionless. So was mine. His moves chased mine; and I wished I could run. I wished I could escape. I tried to spin myself away; but his hands grabbed mine tighter and tighter pulling me closer. I could feel his heart beat as fast as mine. Powerless; I allowed my body to slid between his hands;sliding the flying silk of my dress between the subtle touch of his gloves.

Faster were the steps. Faster were the moves. Faster were my heartbeats. Wilder was the tempo. The symphony brought us closer and closer once, and another time set us further apart. The violins now casting the dance away, softer and softer into quietness. He pulls me into him. Holds me tight; one hand at my back against the weight of my body, the other curled around my waist. His eyes chasing after the curving edges of my mask;  looking for mine. A smile, somewhere between the margins of sarcasm, disappointment and regret, deliberately drew itself on my pressed lips. Softer; his grip became. It was when I allowed myself to slip away; letting myself go. Expressionless he still was. I dissolved into the same crowd. Fading; as music fades.


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