Mental Congestion

Posted: June 26, 2012 in communication, Days and dates, Emotions, food, football, Memories, Music, photography, Randoms, Summer, Travel, Weirdness

That was how I looked like when I tried to peek into my mind. Too much of everything. Literally. A mobile mess that for no good reason I decided I wanted to share.
As I try to pile up relevant thoughts into similar dumps, here’s what I came across:

My inevitable urge to travel the world

Then, This:

Well, that’s a box where I keep the weird bits of my childhood and high school years; mostly childhood. Right now, I freak Smoke, my cat, out with them.

Further into my head I find myself desperate for some new books. Anything specific in mind? Meh, not really. All I know is that I need a whole new bunch to read for the time being.

Having the nearest bookshop in mind, I remember myself spotting the KrispyKreme banner somewhere close.

I want that..

So Badly.

I can actually smell it as I think about it…

Chocolate dreamcake, chocolate custard, my all time favorite original glazed…


Okay back in sync…

In my head, there are noises, just as random. Just as messy… I soon realize I haven’t played Oreo, My guitar, (yes I give my stuff weird names) in a long long time… and with that more of this come to my head:

Moving on, I remember

Mikael Akerfeldt… And how I’ve been listening to nothing but Opeth for the last week, if not throughout my entire exams period…

Upon speaking of exams, and remembering the , my mind freezes for a moment… I remember how I tried to fit my entire life into a spider web which looked something like this:

That was only a first draft. I’ve got a gazillion more added to it with time…

And along with that comes more aching thoughts concerning:

Back to noises, music, Opeth, and guitars…

At the back of my head, I found that playing. And I seem to like it, and sing along…

Come! As you are, as you were, as I want youuuuu to be !

And speaking of you….


The song just keeps playing….As I remind myself,

I shouldn’t miss Germany Vs Italy on the 28th…


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