The Globe in my head

Posted: June 26, 2012 in Days and dates, delights, Randoms, Summer, Travel


I’ve been staring at this for quite a long time. Not the poster on my wall; but rather the screenshot that’s now the default wallpaper of my brain.

This world, I want to travel, tracing the Earth’s geographic coordinate system. From east to west, and all over the globe. It’s not a fantasy. I’m serious. My passion for traveling has gone wilder. In fact, I’m preparing myself for that from now. I guess there will be a good sum of years of my life dedicated to fulfill that. When? I’m not quite sure, but I know that I’ll seize every chance to add countries to my list of “Places I’ve been to“.

Join me, stare at the map; at the world around you. Don’t you feel the same? Don’t you feel the adrenaline surge rushing through every inch of your body as the shots of the places you’re dying to go to collide with the memories of everywhere you’ve been to and force you to crave the rest of the places you know nothing of? And in the middle of the cloud of countries in my head, I try to sort out… Where should I start?

According to histories that I’ve read into and the ones fascinating my mind, one way or the other; my logic tops Spain and Greece. Yet,  I won’t mind anywhere. Wherever chance leads…

Just as it lead me to Germany last summer… Oh, there’s a special place for Deutschland in my heart!

Slowly, the map above grows into this:



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