Posted: June 29, 2012 in Emotions, evaluation, Love, Memories, Music, Randoms, Weirdness

I close my eyes only to see yours staring back. A perfect mesh of hazle-green.  Still vibrant with words you never spoke.  Still embracing the feelings you never showed. My gateway. My confidante.

Your eyes were signs that lead me throughout. Your eyes spoke truth, your eyes spoke love, your eyes kept me safe when I need to, reassured me into peace and serenity. I searched the world for them and into them. And Now… Now I escape them, run away, hide their embrace, unleash myself from their possession.

Your eyes spoke truth; bailing out on the feelings you decided to give up on. Your eyes lead me, this time away. Still vibrant, yet in confusion and rather embracing rejection. Gone, I was.

Blank. Blank eyes staring at a blank existence.

Vacant. Vacant I was.

A long time it has been. Long enough to erase the memory, to erase their floating image in my head. Long enough to forget. And now, what brings them up? So clear and bright? Remembrance? Or rather Shame, Shame I had forgotten.

In ache, I remembered.
In peace, I have forgotten… These eyes.

I know there’s something you wanna say
You close the door at night
You make me go away
I try to make you remember… belief is all you need


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