Posted: June 29, 2012 in Emotions, evaluation, Life, Music, Randoms, Spirituality, Weirdness


Why?I keep asking myself as I look around the wreck our world has turned into.

Injustice, everywhere. Everywhere! And it’s not just enough to know you’re against it, to reject it deep down within. We’re not weak. We’re not fragile. It’s injustice all around us that makes us believe so, that puts us down, that eats away our dignity, crumbles our beliefs, and contributes to changing us to become just the same.

It is both what we do and what we decide not to do that distorts that never restored balance.

Fear? Insecurity? Rejection? Revenge? Power?

My “why”s persist and multiply.

We crave peace, yet what have we done to actually bring it to life? Have we even tried? Have we even considered that we could actually be resenting it. Deliberately? Controversial, we are. Controversial is this world. So that’s what it shall remain? A myth?

Why? Why have we given up on our principles? What for?

What on Earth have we become? What have we turned this Earth into??

Injustice is everywhere. Injustice could be the answer, Injustice itself could spark the same question. Why?

Tell me why People should suffer for others to cherish? Why should people fall for others to rise? Why should the unfair hold the key to power? What is power? What is authority? What are principles? Because what I see explains none of them, but rather redefines them all in contradiction.

This world has become a chain of compiled injustice presenting more “Why”s along the way. Seems like, why has become the answer rather than the question…

In the midst of everything, I’ve taken an oath to never stop questioning “Why”, for once we give away that one question, then we’ve become part of the contradiction. The day we give that away is when we stop believing.

I’ll carry this flag to the grave if I must
Cause it’s flag that I love and a flag that I trust


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