Circus Maximus are the Shit!

Posted: June 30, 2012 in Emotions, evaluation, Music, Progressive Metal, Randoms, Reviews, Weirdness

It’s been two consecutive days now, and I can’t stop listening to them; one of my all time favorite Progressive Metal bands! Okay, let’s get this straight Porcupine Tree, Opeth and Dream Theater have got a special place reserved in both my heart and library, if not contribute to around 70% of my playlist.

But THIS, Circus Maximus, is fucking amazing! Exactly what I needed to listen to…
My mind is stuck on replay.

I assumed that you knew the reason why
And you know that there should be someone there to hold you in my arms tonight
Maybe you will know the reason why
But for now you’ll move on alone, I belive in you…
Yeah, I believe in you!

It’s got to be…
It’s got to be forever
Thought I had nothing to lose…


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