Complexity reforms the borders of our logic. It’s what we’ve lost ourselves to. Too messy it became, persistent it remains. And we hide behind that wreck we created. Safely, sheltered and unexposed.

I don’t.

I share, sometimes share too much. I bring down these barriers of complexity as I speak, as I bring my feelings to life. In words, in songs, in paintings… Regardless, as long as they are clearly laid out. They’re pretty complex and entangled on their own, but unleashing them does lessen the confusion.

And I take the harder way to peek into who and what people really are. I am not interested in the faces they stick up to the world, I’m rather thrilled by what they are on the inside. By the complexity they seal yet with another thicker layer of complexity.

Because… I’d love you; first for your flaws before anything else. I dig into what’s rather more tangible about you to find acceptance. That’s how I manage to find the good in everybody, that’s how I’m never out of excuses to present for yourself before you even do, and when you fail to.

Because, I like to keep my world in harmony with everybody’s… With yours.
Because there’s so much goodness in you.

Naive? Too nice to the extend of stupidity? I don’t care as long as I know I’m not, as long as I can find goodness in people…

I can see through your complexity. Deep into something not so solid but rather pure and unstained. Reserved and preserved.

Behind your complexity.


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