Behind the photos.

Posted: July 5, 2012 in communication, Emotions, Memories, photography
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Photos hold more than just figures of people, more than just scenery and events. Photos hold ambiance. Memories, and stories, they keep safe and intact. Photos revive memories, and people.

Our memories, intact in a visual proof that lays before us. One where we can see beyond the physical existence, into something deeper… something true… something that’s sacred to no one but yourself.

I stumbled upon one. One that was taken a long time ago. One that ignited my memory, refreshed it, and dragged me into the ruins of a few months ago… Dragged me into remembrance…There was him; there was myself, and there was a silly world we’ve created. I kept staring… Searching myself for more than just a memory.

Not even nostalgia.

Feelings escaped me. I no longer hold any. Gone.
I smiled. I was glad I found none. Only then I knew it was over.

Photos are timeless. People aren’t. And that’s the beauty of it; a time machine we all possess.

Through the eyes of your lens, you tap into the world, and people;  into their worlds and their feelings. Through your lens, you see the world in a different perspective. One that makes sense to no one but you. Through your lens, you preach what you see to the world.


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