Remember; You are alive!

Posted: July 9, 2012 in delights, Emotions, evaluation, happiness, Life, photography, Randoms, Weirdness
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I’ll walk down the streets. I’ll run, jump, sing and laugh. Yes, I’ll run into the water sprinklers, feel their droplets splashing my body with life, I’ll jump into the mud… I’ll sing, even though I might not know the lyrics and I’ll laugh at the weirdest things I stumble upon, at the tiniest things that cross my way… I’ll smile at stray cats, people; the old, the big, the young, the little… I’ll smile, at birds, the ugly crows, at the German Shepherds running away from their owners and at their owners themselves!

I’ll fall into the freshly cut grass, or into the sand… I’ll take my shoes off, leave foot prints, anywhere, everywhere. I’ll take my shoes off, and let them feel the cobblestone streets. Music. Louder and louder, I’ll sing along. I’ll cut papers into tiny pieces and  fly them into the wind; my little flock. I’ll make paper boats and let them sail in the river. I’ll blow balloons and tie them to my bike then ask a stranger to teach me how to ride!

I’ll look at the sky, draw shapes from clouds. I’ll run to the roof top, as high as it could get, and watch the earth spin beneath me. Night will crawl, and I will crawl into my bed. I’ll snuggle my teddy bear, kiss it good night and hide under the sheets. I’ll listen to the wind whistle, and I’ll whistle along. I’ll whistle myself to sleep…


I’m not a child. I’m not immature and reckless. I might be weird, but I’m not inconsiderate and dumb. I might be crazy. In fact, I AM crazy, but I do have a sane edge to my insanity. I am wild, yet peacefully.

Every now and then I like to bring the child in me to life.
Every now and then, I like to remind myself I’m alive.

Let your energy create a positive aura and escape into the world.
Remember, You’re alive. So act like you are!

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  2. “Remember, you’re alive. So act like you are!” Love this so much!

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