Posted: July 15, 2012 in complexity, Emotions, evaluation, Love, Memories, Randoms, Weirdness
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Take a moment… To think, to listen and to understand…

We choose to keep them, or run away from them. A part of us hides them peacefully within, yet another digs them up. Are we the secrets we keep? Another censored version of ourselves? How different is what we hide from what we choose to expose? And why are we even scattered into bits and pieces here, there and everywhere? Yet, if we put them together, are we even complete? Do we get to see the bigger picture of ourselves?

It hurts to keep them in, but it’s never any easier to let them out, is it?

Take a moment… To remember.

Maybe we are not the secrets we keep. Maybe we are rather the fear that seals and conceals them. Maybe neither.  Maybe both… The secret is the fear? Yet what is fear? A mistake? A memory? A fine mixture of both? Neither?

Take a moment… To forget.

Does it make it go away? Does your mind clear up? Does the secret come to light? Does it melt your fear down? No…?

Take a moment… To realize;

That the moment you thought you’ve lost it was the moment you realized what it really meant to you.
That the moment you actually spill your secrets is the moment you realize you’ve overcome your fear.

Yet do we ever do?

We’re not the secrets, nor the fear. We’re not the memory, nor the thought.

We are the moment that brings them all together.

We are the moment,

living on a mere supply of hope, craving the subtle sense of safety in every way possible.


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