Bye bye, Cairo.

Posted: August 2, 2012 in Days and dates, Egypt, Randoms, Travel, Weirdness
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Airports, packing- too too much packing- storage, tiny little so called gifts ( my favorite part) … What’s there on the checklist? My iPhone stuffed with a good music supply, earphones, the Deutsch Donald-duck “tashen-buch” that I carry around but never really read, a couple more books… That’s pretty much everything I need.

Yes, I’m traveling back to my parents’ place today. It’s been a while since I’ve last spend a proper holiday with them; like the four of us together. No wait, the five of us. (I forgot to count our cat, Smoke! How very unthoughtful of me.)
Anyway, as I leave this continent for another, I’ll be having my valuable airport time feeling like Viktor Navorski from The Terminal. ( great movie by the way) So I’ve decided to spare a couple of hours stuffing my blog with posts I’ll be publishing soon. Good enough, right? At least I’ll make use of the very long queues I know I’ll have to stand in. I’m not very fond of waiting to be honest, not standing either and definitely not the noises around me at the moment.

Now, that’s my flight theyre calling for and I’ve still got a big Mac to finish. Sorry, they’ll have to wait.


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