Somewhere In Silence

Posted: August 2, 2012 in communication, Days and dates, Emotions, happiness, Love, Memories, Randoms, Weirdness
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Somewhere in silence we’ve managed to establish the basis of a language we only understand. Somewhere in silence, we’ve found a way to unleash our thoughts… and ourselves.
In silence, you’ve spoken the words I’ve waited for and wanted to hear. In silence, I’ve listened; I’ve understood… I’ve come to life. And I couldn’t have possibly felt this alive if I hadn’t been so dead before.

The world spares us the noises and fades into quietness, but for a swish. A soft breeze breaks the silence and reseals it once again. Beautifully quiet. A pleasant existence to my side, expressive in silence. My words slip, quietly, bouncing from my mind to his… And Along with his… back and forth. After all, our silence isn’t so quiet. Silence is only a decent cover up, or rather a gateway to the thoughts lingering in our minds.

In silence, I’ve found a gateway to a fantasy, a parallel universe that coexists with our reality. One where anything and everything is most welcomed to happen. It’s not the silence ought to doubts and confusion. It’s the silence, so nourishing, that it embraces peace, and safety. It’s the silence that unconsciously paints a faint smile to your face… And mine. It’s the silence that heals.

When words aren’t good enough, silence is.

Somewhere in silence, questions cease to ache. Somewhere in silence, my mind stops bothering about the probabilities of understanding; what we are? Who we are? Where have we been and where are we heading to??

In silence I’ve found you. In silence I’ll hold on to you.


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