Posted: August 6, 2012 in communication, complexity, Emotions, evaluation, Love, photography, Randoms, Story, Weirdness
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Streets; quietly sedating into the midnight emptiness. Streetlamps shed beautiful beams of shades of yellowish-orange. An array of alternating shadows and lights painted the pavement. They twisted until they merged into a seemingly endless one that narrowed into a curving horizon, eaten away by patches of a blackened sky, darkened stars, and a moon blushing in subtle redness. Still quiet, still sedating…

Winds blew in howling batches, a few swishes here and there, a few thuds… Then once again, more howls fading into whistles. She whistled along, not quite sure what was the right melody for such a tune, but she whistled as her legs dragged her into nothingness.

Where she was coming from, or heading to she didn’t know, and she didn’t care. She wanted to be alone; she wanted to be gone, to escape the noises into quietness, to escape the people and the entire world into herself. She left nowhere; to nowhere.

Her mind ached. Her heart ached…

And only this nothingness could sooth such ache, only this emptiness would ease the pain and rid herself of the burden she carried. What was it she didn’t know, and she was already too tired to pose questions neither run after answers. Nothing. She craved nothing, wanted nothing, felt nothing. Numb; Physically. Emotionally.

Mind and heart ceased to function. Not simultaneously, not independently. She shut them down, and let the winds drag her, tickle her, cuddle her, and sing her a lullaby. She stared at the end she couldn’t see. She kept walking, leaving behind all what’s left of her and in her. She kept walking, from emptiness, in emptiness, and to emptiness.

Emptiness kept her safe. And to streets, she was thankful.


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