Posted: August 8, 2012 in complexity, Emotions, Randoms, Story, Weirdness
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She can feel; absolutely nothing.

Not love, not hate. Not ecstasy, not agony. Not pride, not shame. Nothing.  Desensitized; detached from herself. A heart, beating numb. She can’t feel; she can only think and if doesn’t make its way through her brain then it’s not through.

What has she become?

The world is becoming less amusing by the minute. She eloped; with her logic into a different world of her own creation leaving sentiments behind; eaten away by ignorance and confusion of people. Physically she exists; emotionally she’s gone and replaced by a vital and strong mental presence.

One that searches herself for the heart she once had. A void she finds; filled up by the arguments of a brutally witty mind.
Her sentiments left off to a different world.

What has she turned into? A Psychopath?


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