Fantasy of lights and reflections

Posted: August 14, 2012 in photography, Randoms, Summer, Travel, Weirdness
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Seine River – Paris, France

I’ve never realized how the lights around us could become magnificently beautiful, never thought how their simplicity could reflect sheer beauty until I’ve stopped to witness how water, in all its forms, and lights, with all their intensities could make a perfect couple!


Midnight. I stood by that bridge on the edge of the Siene River, Paris. Didn’t seem that dark to me. Definitely not. These  lights lit the bridge and the entire spot. Their rays shattered and scattered on the rippling waves of black which reflected a pattern of ultimate beauty to be interrupted by a vivid beam of colours soaring from a cruising boat. This left me staring (…and licking that ice cream I had in hand. One of the best strawberry ice cream I’ve ever had, honestly 🙂 ).

That was the masterpiece. An art of shadows, lights, and water to keep gazing and smiling at. It got even colder a while later. Chilling actually. I havent had enough yet, or maybe I have, but I still wanted more. My feet were sore for I’d been walking for nearly two hours. There were the stairs. I sat down, stretched, and looked up to the sky. Lights were all around me.

Now I get why they call it ‘The City of Lights’, It’s far more beautiful at night than it is during daytime!




  1. 'liya says:

    Paris itself, like the whole city, felt like a work of art!

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