Oppression is not a culture

Posted: August 14, 2012 in communication, Opinion, Randoms
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Since when was oppression a culture we had to abide to? Why am I expected to consider what people are going to say or think of with everything I do and take every step accordingly? Yes, I am part of a society, of this society, but I’m sorry, I shall not abide to a culture that favors oppression; one that classifies you according to gender and puts up its own customized margins of right and wrong.

I’m not a puppet to do things the way people around me want me to and expect me to. I see things differently, I do things differently and if it’s not the same, it doesn’t make it wrong. Shoot me arguments and reasoning to convince me, to trigger my thinking, but don’t just slip silly comments like “You’re a girl”. I think by now I’m pretty aware of that. It doesn’t really back any of your points up, it doesn’t change my mind either. I am not letting a society nibble my rights away just because “People talk”. So? Let them talk. They always did, and always will; nothing can shut them up and nothing ever will. It’s my life, not anybody’s. I think there’s more to people’s lives than how I dress up, how I walk, talk and how I manage my life. Yes, I’m asking people to mind their own businesses in a polite frame.

Stop being judgmental and allow some margin for talk. Understand the way my mind functions before you stick your labels on me. Who are you to label me, anyway? Criticisms are more than welcomed; give advice, but be constructive. Be productive. And remember, “When you point a finger, there are three fingers pointing back at you…”

Right is not what people solely think is, nor what the society is deluded to believe is ought to be. Right is a proper reasoning that your mind can comprehend. You have a mind, use it; question your world with moderate thinking. Right is what my religion truly sets for me not what people conceal under the name of religion. I’m not asking for a freedom with no limits; there’s no such thing. There are always boundaries we should keep red and hot. I am only asking for my right as an independent individual in what seems to be a dependent society. If we are really seeking change then don’t expect us to passively accept the wrong bits of our culture. Oppression was never a culture.


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