A slip into an old diary entry

Posted: August 15, 2012 in complexity, Days and dates, Emotions, Love, Memories, quotes, Randoms
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Oh diary, why? *Sigh* I was flipping into my diary and I stumbled upon a few bits of myself here and there. I don’t know why I was flipping through, I don’t know why I’m even posting this here. Sometimes it’s just too silly to remember; but we do either way. It happened, it’s there, in a solid memory of yours.

April 2nd 2011

I love you.
Not like how it is murmured on people’s lips here and there. Not as ignorant, not as indulgent. Not that meaningless.

I love you. With dilated pupils, sweaty palms, and racing beats. With a twitch that tickles my heart every time I get my eyes on you. I lose myself, into you. The world fades, you shine.

Silence is a good cover-up for what we keep within. But silence never makes it up for me; so I chose to spill how I really feel, and bore you with the too many “I love you”.

Because I do.

I’m in love. With you.

And it just grows. Wilder

*Awww* Some things are cute; just to be read, not remembered 🙂 Such an irony it is to manage to empty your heart. Completely… Into nothingness.


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