End to begin

Posted: August 17, 2012 in complexity, Emotions, evaluation, Love, Memories, Story, Weirdness
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I had to tear her apart, to put myself back together. I had to choke her so I could then breathe. I broke her, because I had to rebuild myself. I killed her, only to bring myself back to life. Revived.

She fell helpless, so I could rise strong. She remembered, for myself to regret then forget. She was left behind, to remind me to move on; she held on, so I could let go; she was held back, to break me free. she lost her way, I found mine; her virtues were my sins, with her emptiness I fill my void up. In her blindness I opened my eyes. She is lonely, but in her loneliness I’m complete. Her darkness had shown me the light.

Through her questions I unveiled answers. Her reality was only a fantasy I gave away. She bled, inside out, yet In her ache, I heal. She felt, but I’m numb. I can’t; I won’t. I build up the walls she once crumbled down; reserved. Yes, she felt; but she wasn’t alive, was she?

I was her. Yet too different for one, too distant to merge into one. Now she’s far beyond gone.
She had to die, if I chose to come to life. I sacrificed myself; for myself.
I am the beginning of her end.
She’s dead; I’m alive.

  1. rouderaz says:

    My favorite! 😀

  2. Rana says:

    Baybeeh ❤ thnx 😀

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