As I escape the plot into one of my own

Posted: August 19, 2012 in communication, complexity, Emotions, Life, Love, Memories, quotes, Randoms, Weirdness
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“If some lives form a perfect circle, other take shape in ways we cannot predict or always understand. Loss has been part of my journey. But it has also shown me what is precious. So has love for which I can only be grateful. ”

Theresa Osborne, Message in A Bottle.

Because if there’s any message anyone could, or would, send then no words would fit better than Nicholas Sparks’ …

“I have come to realize that destiny can hurt a person as much as it can bless them, and I find myself wondering why–out of all the people in all the world I could ever have loved–I had to fall in love with someone who was taken away from me.”

There is nothing that has touched me just as much. Something about it, about the very last letter, somehow managed to move me. It wasn’t just a message; not from “Garret” to “Catherine”, not about them… To me, it was far beyond that,  far beyond the plot… It was something that spoke a story once chosen to remain unwritten…

Dear Catherine:

My life began when l found you…
…and l thought it had ended when l failed to save you.
l thought that hanging on to your memory was keeping us both alive.
But l was wrong.

A woman named Theresa showed me that…
if l was brave enough to open my heart
l could love again, no matter how terrible my grief.
She made me realize l was only half-alive.
lt scared me and it hurt.

l didn ‘t know how much l needed her till the night she flew away.
When that airplane took off, l felt something inside me tear away.

And l knew.
l should have stopped her.
l should’ve followed her home.

And now tomorrow, l’m going to sail to the windy point…
…and l’m going to say goodbye to you.
Then l’m going to go to this woman…
…and see if l can win her heart.

lf l can, l know you’ll bless me.
And bless us all.

lf l can ‘t…
then l’m still blessed because l’ve had the privilege of loving…
twice in my life.

She gave me that.

And if l tell you l love her as much as l loved you…
… then you’ll know the whole story.

Rest in peace, my love.


I’d read the novel over and over again, and I wouldn’t really mind.

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