Just ask; why?

Posted: September 8, 2012 in communication, Days and dates, Emotions, evaluation, Opinion, Weirdness
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I’ve been trying to monitor my attitude lately. This last week has been a good chance for some personal evaluation. Ive been pushing my thinking further and deeper; broader.

“Why?” was one of the useful tools, I personally found handy. It was more of the ache that starts every productive chain of thought. I might fail to fetch an answer, there could be no answer in the first place, or maybe a bunch of them. Whatever! Whatever it was, why has been the push, the trigger that maintains the ache, that just keeps you looking around. For anything and everything.
And with every stop there is a “why” that diverts your thoughts into something even bigger, or smaller. Again, whatever. What matters is that there’s always something for you to stumble upon after every why that comes your way.

Why is the key. Unlock the gates, don’t just jump over. Train your mind, to think, to ask; to question why. You are your own guide.

So ask. Keep questioning. Embrace the enthusiasm of the question, why. Unleash your thinking, give your thoughts the pleasure of diverging and converging midst a pool of questions.

Engage your curiosity to broaden your knowledge. Embrace the inquisition of the mentality of a child.

Keep asking until you master it’s art. Keep asking, phrasing questions, playing them around. Never stop. Just ask.



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