Posted: October 11, 2012 in Randoms
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The colors vanished her face into a pale existence except for cheeks swollen into redness. Her eyes burned beneath lids that itched. Energy bailed out on her feeble body; escaped it into heat that radiated out of it.
The street seemed to divide and mingle into crossroads that further multiplied and extended into alleys that replicated into a growing maze which made her world spin. Her vision blurred then cleared up for a minute or so upon rubbing her bloodshot eyes.
The noises around her vanished into subtle quietness except for the sound of her lungs breathing heavily. Her chest expanded to accommodate the rush of air she forced into her windpipe. Her heartbeats seemed to echo in the vacancy of her ears.
The road to her home grew endless, but she made it anyway. Everything that toughed her skin seemed to irritate her the boiling stream of blood running inside her. Off, she took her clothes only to feel her body radiating more and more heat creating a thermal aura all over her. She dragged herself into the bathroom, under the shower. Water ran warm, very warm, yet colder than the temperature of her body. Every bullet drop of the running water sparked a wave of chills that ran down her, from head to toe.
She stepped out, leaving the water dripping behind her. She couldn’t recognize a sharp figure of herself in the mirror. Whether it was the humidity fogging the glass or the heat blurring her vision, she couldn’t really tell.
A shadow of blue stained the peripherals of her limbs. Another wave of shiver shook her. She put on the first piece of clothes she could get her hands on then flung her aching corpse onto the crispy sheets of her bed. Anything that touched her body was relatively colder. She stared at a blank ceiling, her mouth open allowing air in and out with a minimum effort.
Her eyes burned even more. She pulled her eyelids together. Visions started to reappear, footage of random people stumbling over events and memories that swirled from past to present along with worries about the future.
It wasn’t too long before her entire biological system ceased to dysfunction. She crashed into sleep.


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