You don’t need time

Posted: October 24, 2012 in complexity, Emotions, evaluation, Life, Love, Memories, Randoms
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Time is no magic. It heals no wounds, it erases no memory.

You don’t need time.

Time is only a weak excuse for the weak. Time flies, leaves you behind, stuck in reverse; somewhere between past and present.

Time will not vaporize a feeling. It might suppress it, but never completely demolished.
Time will not vaporize a memory, unless you do it yourself.

Time is no good.

Time will not ask your questions nor dig up answers for them. Time will not explain; time will not tell. Time will only pile up your life into stacked memories, and slip away leaving you buried beneath them as they all crumble over you.

You don’t need time.

Worse it becomes with time. It doesn’t go away. No, it doesn’t. It stays, it rots within yourself, it aches and eats you away. The void grows into an abyss.

Time drains you empty.
Time is an enemy, not an ally.

Don’t wait for time to fix you up. You don’t need time to pluck the memory sown so deep into your mind. It won’t, and it never will.

Time is only a matrix where you elude along with your life and a bunch of memories that adhere.

If only they vanish along with the people who vanished.



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