Posted: November 14, 2012 in communication, complexity, Emotions, happiness, Love, Randoms, words
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If my thoughts spoke, they’d call your name.

They’d crawl, into your bed of thoughts. Pampered, as complexity untangles; as your thoughts, too, unveil their unspoken words. They’d fall into the embrace of your understanding, into the meadows of your reverberating mind. Gripped, so firmly, by similar thoughts that collide.

They’d dance, in the solitude of memory, in the name of a feeling, undefined. Unleashed. Revived within the premises of mind yet bound to non-existence by the boulders of logic.

They’d dance, to a silent symphony that grows louder. To a melody that echos in the vacuum of a hollowed heart.
They’d dance, to the notes of an arrhythmic heartbeat; music that last only as long as it aches.



In silence they fade, for they never spoke. They never danced.

They only once existed beyond the realms of logic, beneath the relics of ego. Unspoken.

Oh, do they ever dance again?

  1. xenical says:

    I really this subject and can’t read enough about it!

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