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عن أنا

Posted: June 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

أنا لست روحاً إختذلت في جسد، إختذل في غطاء، إختذل في تعليق هذا و- كلام ذاك

أنا لست عقلاً، عقيم الفكر، عديم الإبداع …

فأنا لم أخلق لكي لا أكون… في وجود غير موجود

وأنا لا أعيش، لكي أموت، وأمر مرور الكرام

فأنا روح بعثت في جسد لتحرك عقلاً بعداً عن حجر العادات،  إلى ما بعد المعتاد…

 أنا خلقت انسان. لأكون؛ أنا، عمل خالد، لا ذكرى نسيان.

أنا لست روحاً، ولدت لتموت، في مجتمع يعشق سكينة السكوت.

 أنا لست عقلاً، ولد ليدفن في مجتمع بات مقبرة للأفكار.

فأنا لن أكون، كما تردني أن أكون.

فكياني في كوني من أكون، متى أكون، أينما أكون.

هذا ليس عني أنا،
هذا عن انا، وأنت
وعنه وعننا…


Blackened sky.
Stretching beyond distance; as far as continents stretch apart.
One blackened sky,
Sheltering you and I
Across the same continents that ripped us apart.
And we linger…
Beyond the eyelids
That shelter you in me; and myself into you…
As we float, on a barely existent moon,
Fading into the same blackened sky
That is yet to shelter you and I.

Lub Dub

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Lub Dub. 
Lub Dub.

Make it beat.

Lub Dub.

Blow your life into mine. Breathe the air that rushes within; fill a collapsing lung, soothe the ache that eats it away.
Make it beat.

Lub Dub.
Lub Dub.

Do you hear? A fragile beat?
Lub Dub.
Do you feel? A pulse, so weak?

Water the well that ran dry. Purge life then squeeze it out…
How does it taste… To feel?

Lub Dub.

Tap it; into it. Do you see? A sign of life within me? Fetch the relics prone to feel; make them beat.
Make it beat.

Tap it; into it, rupture the seal. Hold it, then behold it, embrace shatters into whole. Nourish it.
Make it beat.

Lub Dub.
Lub Dub.

Speech of the speechless, it speaks.
Of the feelings it owes the soul that made it feel.

Lub Dub.

It beats.

Stare; into and through me.

Stare, as your eyes outline my existence.

Recollect pieces of a scattered me, as you trace the edges of myself into a premises that only your chasing eyes define.

Draw me out of myself and into you, as I fall…

From the deepest pits of my nothingness, into the deepest pits of yourself.

Embrace, a restless me to the rest of your arms.

Fill me in, as you fill the spaces between my fingers.


As two heartbeats synchronize into one.


As I stare…

Into where I belong.

And do I not speak of what I feel?

For words gone trivial,

Upon the intensity inside.

Lost Dimentions

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What if…
Man never knew land.
What if…
Earth was nothing but a mere reflection of the sky.
One mesmerizing void; and we’re only floating on lost dimensions.