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All I am

Posted: September 23, 2013 in Emotions, evaluation, Life, Love
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Sorry, I am.

For what I am not.
For what I do, that pleases you not.
Sorry, I am.
If my words missed their meaning.
If my actions failed my intentions.
But Oh, do you not know?
That all I do, and all I don’t
That all I say, and all I withhold
Neither would I have done
Nor would I have not
Had my intentions been to please you not.
Oh do you not know?
For the better, I change.
I try,
For you.
I change.
For you, and only you;
I have learnt to love myself when I have loved you.
Words; All I have got
If more I had; I would deny you not.
These Words I mean;
When I say,
Sorry I am.
For what I am.
In apology, I offer…
myself; all of me, and all I am


Posted: September 18, 2013 in Emotions, Life, Love


One heartbeat; that echoes forever in the glaciers of myself.

One moment; that defies time. Timeless.


The breath between the lips that part. The glow of eyes, escaping the glimpse and into the stare.

The world is brought to a pause; the pace slows, the voices fade.

Until it freezes.

As I melt;

Midst the breath, the glow, the glimpse, the stare.