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Of heartbeats and ink.

Posted: January 8, 2014 in Uncategorized

For long I have cherished the equilibrium that dripped ink from heartbeats. An exchange of feelings for words; possibly because writing words that made no sense does make sense to us after all. Less intimidating, less threatening to the life it belongs to…

The spirit of thoughts trans descend  into the spirit of words.

Until the one heartbeat that spilled the ink.
Scatters and splatters.
Ink wiping ink that dried out.
Ink caressing the whites of pages.

It beats, it drips; but it squirts no words out.  

Scatters and splatters.
Drops. Droplets.
Rippling waves into the puddles of ink.

The lub-dub echoes.
The lub-dub drips.

The ink flows, but the words do not.
Have I failed words or have the words failed me; I know not.

A heartbeat, far too precious to be put in words.

My words, forever soaked.