R About

Random and moody? So am I,  and so is this blog. Keep reading for you’ll never know what comes next…

Think. Understand. Apply. That’s how my brain works. Live. Simplify. Enjoy. That’s how I do it.

Sometimes it’s neither. Sometimes it’s only ignore, sometimes it’s wise, sometimes it’s crazy, yet some other times it’s blank. Yup, blank. But it’s always, ‘smile’. That’s me. A pack of coloured skittles, you never know what colour comes next in your hand. 😀 

It’s all about the mood, baby!

Wait. Try. Enjoy. But never regret. That’s the way we make use of memories. 

You really wanna take a glimpse into my world? check THIS out…

Enjoy the randomness.


  1. Aya Belal says:

    go on rana ur blog is really interesting!!!!

  2. Adham A. says:

    nice and interesting blog, keep it up 😉

  3. Rana says:

    Thankyou guys 😀 Really appreciate it xx

  4. Maryam Ahmad says:

    I’m Speechless Ya Rana, This Whole Thing Is Simply Outstanding (:
    5aleeky Fel 3aly 😉

  5. Rana says:

    Memooooz ❤ You're awesome!!
    Thnxxxx Glad u liked it 😀 ! mwah

  6. Hi there! I like your moody blog! : )
    I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

  7. Rana says:

    Oh that’s great to know! much much appreciated 😀

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