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My Easter Eggs: Kenny and Eric from South Park


Useless is a painting that doesn’t squeeze the feelings out of your heart.

I don’t know what this is, and I don’t want to figure it out. I wasn’t really painting, but rather thinking, speaking… reminiscing.

I don’t know what this is. All I know is:

Trust your feelings. Paint.


It’s my third year studying pharmacy and biotechnology and some subjects just don’t seem to get any more interesting. Not at all…
In this case, pharmacognosy. I have never been fond of it, and I am pretty sure I never will. We just don’t get along.

Today, I decided to break up only to hook up with my passion for arts.

The seeds creativity sow

Say Hi to Dougie, my little shell creature.

Dougie !

My heavenly mess

Beautiful morning this has been. Bright, peaceful and quiet. Home has never been so inviting, so fresh with sunlight. So warm. I renewed my love to the couch for an hour or so, reading. Nothing is better than a good morning and a book to keep oneself in good company.

But I needed more, more than just a book. There was a tension that only painting could ease. Colours, yes! The smell of oil was so pungent, yet so soothing. Sedating. Once again, I parted with this world into my own.

Yet another oil painting of mine

The sky is green, stuffed in fluffy clouds of orange. The sun is covered in a faint seal of magenta. The earth is purple, it’s grass is purple and the waters shimmering in a smooth flow of crimson red… The horizon shuffles in patterns of flickering amber, orchid and electric lavender… Silver linings, golden edges… reflect rays of elusive colours.

Another river flows. Blue from the bank, slipping into teal, drifting darker into it’s royal deep shades that gets eaten away by a bordering patterns of ruby. Flowing parallel to one another; adhering at an edge of pungent purple that splits them. And slides away, from ruby to crimson to shades of maroon…

Fields of alternating purple and lemon yellow splice the land. They twist and shiver under the faint rainbow colours of morning dew.

The sky is still green, patches that come in all intensities bound together into a huge emerald over my head. Clouds are still orange. An array of scattered peaches and pumpkins.

And here I stand, in the midst of my colour palette, enjoying my fine world of awkwardness that is only true  in my head. Scents of vanilla and cream alternate and merge into others of exotic berries…

Blue berries are red, red berries blue, and the black ones have turned white…
My world splashes colours I feel.

In my head… Everything comes to life.
In my palette… I come to life.