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Stare; into and through me.

Stare, as your eyes outline my existence.

Recollect pieces of a scattered me, as you trace the edges of myself into a premises that only your chasing eyes define.

Draw me out of myself and into you, as I fall…

From the deepest pits of my nothingness, into the deepest pits of yourself.

Embrace, a restless me to the rest of your arms.

Fill me in, as you fill the spaces between my fingers.


As two heartbeats synchronize into one.


As I stare…

Into where I belong.

And do I not speak of what I feel?

For words gone trivial,

Upon the intensity inside.

Steal a glimpse.
Follow the eyes where they lead.
Appreciate the silence…
That syncs two heartbeats together, that amplifies a trembling breath,
a sigh,
that escapes,
and diffuses into warmth.
Crawl aside, and within.
Trace, the outlines of her existence,
Slide upon sweaty palms,
Up to the edges of her face,
Watch her cheeks round up,
in a faint demure…
As fingers roll over,
Tracing down her chin
And Up the lips
That presses letters of your name
Cheeks, rounding up in a faint blush of pink as a smile softly stretches across.
A name, pressed on lips of cherry red…
And it leaves a taste of subtle sweetness that seeps into relics of a restless mind.
A pounding heart, escapes a breath that floats strings of tangled hair, upon a lust; so feeble in its presence, so potent in its burning ache.
Eyes, shuttered, upon a figure as memories drain life into its existence.
Heart still pounds, name still pressed and lust still stings…
Yet I still deny myself the right to feel.
Anything, if anything at all.

If my thoughts spoke, they’d call your name.

They’d crawl, into your bed of thoughts. Pampered, as complexity untangles; as your thoughts, too, unveil their unspoken words. They’d fall into the embrace of your understanding, into the meadows of your reverberating mind. Gripped, so firmly, by similar thoughts that collide.

They’d dance, in the solitude of memory, in the name of a feeling, undefined. Unleashed. Revived within the premises of mind yet bound to non-existence by the boulders of logic.

They’d dance, to a silent symphony that grows louder. To a melody that echos in the vacuum of a hollowed heart.
They’d dance, to the notes of an arrhythmic heartbeat; music that last only as long as it aches.



In silence they fade, for they never spoke. They never danced.

They only once existed beyond the realms of logic, beneath the relics of ego. Unspoken.

Oh, do they ever dance again?


Sink into the depth of yourself. Float in the vacancy of a heart drained empty. Breathe. Ventilate the closed chamber within. Welcome yourself into the void of your own. Fall. Slowly, quietly. Drown.


The music plays. Listen, as you sink. Peacefully, silently. Again, breathe, as you slide into the darkness of your soul. How dark is it there? How far have you gone?

You fall. Faster and faster. Until you bounce, on a cozy bed of memories. Your heart rebounds. Does it feel? Your mind twitches. Does it remember? You still bounce… And the stories bounce along, floating all together in the vacancy of emotions once abandoned.

Desire has diminished into nothingness. Only a beautifully provocative brain still remains, still reminisces, still remembers, a feeling rather than a memory, still describes a story not a character, still active in useless remembrance.


The music proceeds.
Transport yourself into a fantasy that ceased to exist.

Pour a vision into a dreamless sleep.


A long break this has been. A good one. One I was desperately in need of. I escaped. There has been a life I quit, people I ran away; to and from, a whole world I chose to leave behind. I thought it would help me keep my mind off everything, but no. Quite the contrary, it gave way to thinking, which I eventually realized I need quite as much.

The outcome was: change. Sheer change. Blunt and bold. Drastic. I needed such solitude for such amendments to take place. And it did. And still is.

Now my break comes to an end. So does the world I have created for my own during what I could possibly refer to as: spiritual rehab. I am reintroducing myself, once more, into this life. I am reintegrating myself, or rather, the newer version of myself.

Change is good. It feels better, stronger, and if possible, much much more certain and mature. Throughout this time, I’ve found peace. my thoughts ripened.

Change. It’s not over. And that’s the challenge now; to maintain the outcome of a rough time.

Putting up my genuine 15 inch smile, I start over.


Posted: August 6, 2012 in happiness, Randoms, Weirdness

Smile. With or without a reason. Put it up and stick it up there. Keep it. Mean it.

Smile. With cheeks, teeth and everything.

Smile, because it means a lot seeing you do.

One moment, is all I ask for. One moment, where you leave it all behind, where you keep your mind, and heart, at ease. Cease the thinking. Drop off the burden, drop off the weight of the world. Fly yourself away. Anywhere, so distant; so close. Anywhere you feel safe. Be safe. Look back at me, and smile.

A moment is all it’ll take. Pretty long  it’ll last.

This, I owe you my friend.

Smile, if once, for my sake.

Smile. At me, at anything, at everything.