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All I am

Posted: September 23, 2013 in Emotions, evaluation, Life, Love
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Sorry, I am.

For what I am not.
For what I do, that pleases you not.
Sorry, I am.
If my words missed their meaning.
If my actions failed my intentions.
But Oh, do you not know?
That all I do, and all I don’t
That all I say, and all I withhold
Neither would I have done
Nor would I have not
Had my intentions been to please you not.
Oh do you not know?
For the better, I change.
I try,
For you.
I change.
For you, and only you;
I have learnt to love myself when I have loved you.
Words; All I have got
If more I had; I would deny you not.
These Words I mean;
When I say,
Sorry I am.
For what I am.
In apology, I offer…
myself; all of me, and all I am


Posted: September 18, 2013 in Emotions, Life, Love


One heartbeat; that echoes forever in the glaciers of myself.

One moment; that defies time. Timeless.


The breath between the lips that part. The glow of eyes, escaping the glimpse and into the stare.

The world is brought to a pause; the pace slows, the voices fade.

Until it freezes.

As I melt;

Midst the breath, the glow, the glimpse, the stare.


Blackened sky.
Stretching beyond distance; as far as continents stretch apart.
One blackened sky,
Sheltering you and I
Across the same continents that ripped us apart.
And we linger…
Beyond the eyelids
That shelter you in me; and myself into you…
As we float, on a barely existent moon,
Fading into the same blackened sky
That is yet to shelter you and I.

Lub Dub

Posted: June 22, 2013 in delights, Drawings, Life, Love, Randoms
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Lub Dub. 
Lub Dub.

Make it beat.

Lub Dub.

Blow your life into mine. Breathe the air that rushes within; fill a collapsing lung, soothe the ache that eats it away.
Make it beat.

Lub Dub.
Lub Dub.

Do you hear? A fragile beat?
Lub Dub.
Do you feel? A pulse, so weak?

Water the well that ran dry. Purge life then squeeze it out…
How does it taste… To feel?

Lub Dub.

Tap it; into it. Do you see? A sign of life within me? Fetch the relics prone to feel; make them beat.
Make it beat.

Tap it; into it, rupture the seal. Hold it, then behold it, embrace shatters into whole. Nourish it.
Make it beat.

Lub Dub.
Lub Dub.

Speech of the speechless, it speaks.
Of the feelings it owes the soul that made it feel.

Lub Dub.

It beats.

Stare; into and through me.

Stare, as your eyes outline my existence.

Recollect pieces of a scattered me, as you trace the edges of myself into a premises that only your chasing eyes define.

Draw me out of myself and into you, as I fall…

From the deepest pits of my nothingness, into the deepest pits of yourself.

Embrace, a restless me to the rest of your arms.

Fill me in, as you fill the spaces between my fingers.


As two heartbeats synchronize into one.


As I stare…

Into where I belong.

And do I not speak of what I feel?

For words gone trivial,

Upon the intensity inside.

Void meets vortex

Posted: May 14, 2013 in Emotions, Life, Love, words, writing
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Eyes of poignant black,

Cross over,

Where every meeting point is a turning point,
Chasing one another, in a sclera of watery white
Black halos,  searching into the depth of another
For something, anything …
A glimpse meets a stare;
Soon interrupted by a sweep of curving lashes,
avoiding the former, disappointing the latter…
Eyes of poignant black;
A void meets a vortex,
Sucked into one another
Exchanging more than just looks.
Eyes of poignant black,
Trapped into a gaze,
As they speak
What words failed to behold.


Flow into me.
Let the words seep as deep as the depth of myself allows.

One word. Squeezed of all the meanings possessed, drained into the vessels of my heart. Collected, clogging my escaping breath.

There it stays… Somewhere within myself I never knew still existed; lost and forgotten.
There it stays… to unconsciously sow the seeds of a feeble life, buried underneath thick, filthy layers of myself. To refurbish relics of a collapsed being.

There it settles; for the meanings to diffuse, to give way for some warmth, to trigger…
A thought, a feeling, and a life.

Intense, this infusion of sentiments to be felt for the first time in a long long time grows.

A weak spirit, beautiful in its pale demure yet so insecure in its fear, awoken…

upon the turbulent  impact of one, and no more than just one, honest word.